Top 10 now>press>play immersive school trip destinations

What would you give for your pupils to have the opportunity to experience the world… Fortunately, with our immersive lessons, you can increase your children’s cultural capital without breaking the bank.

The use of auditory, digital reality is highly effective in engaging pupils. They listened carefully through their headphones […] to engage in role play as if they were embarking on a journey into a pyramid. Pupils developed a raft of rich language, which they used to discuss how they felt during the different aspects of their journey. This inspired them to discuss their ideas before putting pen to paper.

In a now>press>play Experience, teachers make pupils’ world bigger by taking them on a vivid adventure through their topic. Afterward, you can capitalise on their experience by using ready-made, editable literacy resources to stretch their imaginations and skills even further.

With a library of over 90+ Experiences from EYFS to Year 6, that only cost £2 per pupil on average, will you take them to the Amazon, back in time or into space first?

Exhilarating Trips for Key Stage 2

1. Pompeii, Italy

Journey back to Roman times with our KS2 Natural Disasters Experience, and stand in the imposing shadow of Mount Vesuvius.

Learn about tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, explore how natural disasters affect communities living near plate boundaries, and experience the devastating eruption of 79AD.

2. Guatemala, Mesoamerica

With now>press>play’s The Maya Experience, find out about the different classes in Mayan society, their scientific and mathematical achievements, Mayan religious beliefs, and why the ancient civilisation eventually declined.

3. Athens, Greece

Become immersed in Ancient Greece, exploring its architecture, social classes, art, philosophy, religion, and Ancient Olympics.

Learn about the city-states of Athens and Sparta, and how the Peloponnesian War between them changed Ancient Greek society.

4. Mumbai, India

In our Decimals Experience, use your maths skills with differentiated worksheets to outwit a corrupt developer and expose his evil plan to build a hotel on your poor community.

5. Paris, France

Go undercover in our French Greetings Experience, using your best language skills to foil a treacherous plot to destroy the Eiffel Tower.

Learn about Paris’ role as the capital of France, and try to blend in as a native French newspaper delivery person.

Adventurous Trips for Key Stage 1

6. The Arctic

Venture north in our Arctic Experience to discover how people in the Arctic live and hunt, and examine the effects of Global Warming on Inuit communities and the polar ice caps.

7. The Circus

With our Animals Experience, you can learn about animal groups, what they eat, their basic needs for survival, and how to take care of them outside of their natural environment. As you do so, you can save a menagerie of animals from a cruel circus master who doesn’t treat them kindly.

8. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England

The UK Experience will take you on a trip across the British Isles, exploring the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, their different cultures, and their national symbols.

Fun trips for Early Years and Reception pupils

9. The Seaside

Learn about what a day on the beach is like with our Seaside Experience.

Build sandcastles, collect shells, enjoy a delicious ice cream, and play in the sea as Pickle the puppy!

10. Old Macdonald’s Farm

In our On The Farm Experience, learn about the animals and plants on a farm that our food can come from! Dig up potatoes, milk a cow and search for eggs!

Our children really love using now>press>play - the ability to transport your mind to another place using the power of sound has increased the enjoyment and engagement in learning.

Everything was so real, it felt like I was really there!

Where will you take your children first?

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