Ancient Greece

You and your family’s slave girl, Eirene, are running an errand for your mother when the Parthenon is attacked by the Spartans. It’s up to you to save Athens, but how will you restore peace between the two cities, when you and Eirene can’t even be friends?


In this Experience, your class will learn about:

  • Life in Ancient Greece: architecture, food, art, slavery and the Ancient Olympics
  • Greek philosophy (e.g. Plato), religion (the gods and the Oracle at Delphi), justice and democracy
  • Athens and Sparta, and the Peloponnesian War between these states

Resources for each Experience include:

  • For KS1 & KS2: Recap, Discuss & Quiz; Glossary; Reading Comprehension; Grammar & Punctuation; Writing Opportunities
  • For EYFS: Recap, Create & Play; Word Mat; Actions Storyboard; Song lyrics & mp3s (for some Experiences)