You and Arluk, your favourite husky, sneak on to your first ever hunting trip by hiding under the reindeer skins on the sled. However, things don’t go as planned. How will you cope when the ice caves crack, trapping your father and brother under the ice?


In this Experience, your class will learn about:

  • How people in the Arctic live (e.g. in igloos), relying on natural resources (e.g. reindeer skin)
  • How they hunt seals with sleds and huskies, harvest mussels and fish in the ice
  • The visible effects of global warming on Inuit communities and the North Pole

Resources for each Experience include:

  • For EYFS, Actions Storyboard, Song Sheet and Script
  • For Key Stages 1 & 2, Storyboard, Quiz, Reading Comprehension, Writing Opportunities and Script