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Discover the 400 editable follow-on resources that extend the learning from our Experiences.

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To help teachers capitalise on each immersive Experience, we have created over 400 editable follow-on resources to deepen learning and support key skills development across the curriculum.

Our follow-on resources can be used as part of whole-class, individual or group activities — before, during or after using one of our Experiences. You can find them easily on the now>press>play app.

KS1 & KS2 resources

Recap, Discuss & Quiz

Use this resource to promote oracy and discussion, helping pupils reflect on events from the Experiences, dig deeper into topics and test their grasp of the learning objectives.


Handy lists of the key vocabulary from each of our KS1 and KS2 Experiences, great for embedding literacy, recalling key details and enriching children’s writing.

Reading Comprehension

This resource takes a passage from the Experiences to let children try a variety of comprehension questions, providing an accessible way in even for reluctant readers.

Picture of a girl writing using Now Press Play

Writing Opportunities

Our Writing Opportunities offer several options for descriptive, persuasive, narrative, expository and journal writing, inspired by the events children witness in the Experience.

Grammar & Punctuation

These SATs-style questions are linked to every part of the KS2 grammar and punctuation curriculum and follow the narrative through-line of the Experience.

Picture of a boy writing using Now Press Play

EYFS resources

Word Mat

These hand-drawn resources cover the key words from each of our Early Years Experiences, useful to support children’s language development using visual aids.

Discussion Questions

You can use these questions to lead whole-class recaps, dig deeper into elements from our EYFS stories and support social and emotional learning.

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Actions Storyboard

Re-enact our EYFS Experiences at your own pace with the Actions Storyboards, letting your class act out and talk about key events using handy image prompts.

Song Sheet

Use these to help your class sing along to songs and nursery rhymes from our EYFS Experiences, and develop their oracy and language skills.

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Recap, Create & Play

This resource consists of an in-depth discussion, followed by art and design ideas, plus drama and role play activities.

KS1 Resources for EYFS Experiences

To make all our EYFS Experiences applicable for KS1, we’ve added Reading Comprehensions and Writing Opportunities. 

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Take your Experiences further

You can use our follow-on resources to extend your use of now>press>play across a learning block. Here’s an example of how:

Infographic showing how teachers can get six lessons out of one Now Press Play Experience.

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