Sunning Hill Primary School: Case Study

Curriculum Engagement and Life Experience Focus.

Sunning Hill Primary School, a two-form entry school in Bolton, have been using now>press>play to engage their pupils in the curriculum since April 2018. Impressed by the range of immersive Experiences and cross-curricular opportunities they were excited to see how now>press>play could open up children’s learning through extending pupil’s life experiences, role-play, creativity, inquiry and the exploration of ideas.

Earlier this year the Assistant Head sent a questionnaire to her teachers to gauge their thoughts on now>press>play, how they use it, the impact on pupils learning and children’s reactions.

We were thrilled with the feedback!

The most popular now>press>play subjects were: Science, History, English, PSHE, and Geography.

Popular Experiences included:
Electricity, Ancient Greece, Anglo Saxons, Mission to Mars, Seasons, and Roman Britain.


How did the Experience(s) support curriculum learning?

Helped bring learning to life. A foundation to class work which built on the ‘experience’ and developed vocabulary, which was used in writing.
Embedded new vocabulary well, low ability children were very engaged, developed knowledge of the first person.
The children were engaged and were actively involved with their learning. It gave the children a better understanding of the story and boosted their imagination and listening skills.
The Experiences were very engaging for the children, they helped them to remember certain historical facts and understand various other concepts in computing.


How is using now>press>play different from a normal lesson?

It allows children to use their imagination to experience what it would have been like to be a character from the past. Also, allows all children to take part without feeling the pressure of having to produce written pieces of work to show their learning as they can verbally then take part in discussions.
The children are more focused and imaginative. It allows children to work independently and to think for themselves.
It is stimulating for all learners, interactive, creative and practical. The children are more focused and imaginative. It allows them to work independently, to think for themselves and supports follow up learning well.


What has been the response from the children after using now>press>play?

The children thoroughly enjoy using now>press>play as it takes them into a different environment for their learning and they have the chance to take on the role of the people they are learning about.
The children always look forward to using now>press>play. They have been very excited and have loved how fun the session are.
The children love it and look forward to it. It has allowed all children to access the Experience in a safe and comfortable environment


Teachers were also asked whether they were planning to use a now>press>play Experience in the half term ahead and how this planned Experience will support curriculum learning?

It will allow the children the chance to learn about the Anglo Saxons in a different environment enabling them to imagine different characters feelings, their work life, the difference in culture over time and significant events, which have happened in history.
It will support the range of learning styles within the class and deliver the content in an engaging manner.
It will allow them to use drama to explore the topic in more detail. It provides a ‘hook’ to enthuse learners within the chosen topic area.