Factory reset your old tablet and download our new app!

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Over the past few months, we’ve noticed that some schools did not ‘factory re-set’ our old tablets, and have left these in the now>press>play box. These tablets host the old app (or both the old and new app, which are used interchangeably) which is a problem!

Teachers using the old app are:

We want to ensure that your school is benefitting from our latest content. This summer term, we are releasing Rivers (for KS2, set in Pakistan), updating Climate Crisis (to include an indigenous voice affected by global warming) and Mental Maths (now an arithmetic adventure through a music festival).

If the home screen on your tablet looks like this then you need to run a factory reset.  The below is our old app:

This is what your app should look like (when you click on the now>press>play icon):

If you still need to re-set your tablet, please follow the instructions here – or alternatively contact your School Engagement Manager directly.

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