Get your EYFS children talking, making and role-playing with our new Recap, Create & Play resource

Playful, child-led learning experiences are the bedrock of good practice at Early Years Foundation Stage.

Recap, Create & Play is now>press>play’s new EYFS resource which extends the imaginative world of the Experience into your classroom. We made them after teachers told us that they were inventing their own activities to make a whole day (or week) out of one Experience – so we decided to provide these for you.

What is Recap, Create & Play?

Like its older sibling (Recap, Discuss & Quiz for KS1 & KS2), Recap, Create & Play begins with discussion questions alongside illustrated characters, places and objects from the Experience. This discussion focuses on the curricular facts, social and emotional themes, as well as visual observation of the illustrations themselves.

Discussion questions for our EYFS Pirates Experience

After that, we provide a bank of creative art, drama and music activities. First off are our design ideas, such as dinosaur eggs which actually hatch (for Dinosaurs). We then have classroom games to get your children engaging their brains, such as Human Guess Who (for We Are All Different). We also have role plays in which children act out scenes related to the Experience, allowing the children to take the story in their own direction. Finally, we include any songs which appear in the Experiences, with the lyrics and mp3 backing tracks embedded into the resource.

Art & Design ideas for EYFS Pirates Experience
Drama & Play ideas for EYFS Pirates Experience

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