Support key EYFS development with our Discussion Questions, Actions Storyboard and Song Sheets

Early Years learners have a range of crucial development needs. For this reason, EYFS learning resources must meet a number of requirements across the curriculum, from physical development to communication and self-expression.

To help teachers meet these needs, now>press>play provides exciting resources designed to follow on from each of our 19+ immersive EYFS Experiences. Read on to learn about our Discussion Questions, Actions Storyboards and Song Sheets.

Discussion Questions

How it works: After one of our Experiences, our Discussion Questions will automatically pop up on your now>press>play app. You can use these to lead a whole-class recap and dig deeper into elements from the story.

Our Discussion Questions are split into two categories, with a range of open and closed queries:

  • Story and Factual
  • PSHE / SEL

These resources help your EYFS learners develop key curriculum skills such as communication and language, understanding the world, and social and emotional development.

A slide from Now Press Play's follow-on Discussion Questions resource

You could use this alongside our EYFS Word Mats, which are colourful, hand-illustrated resources for embedding vocabulary.

Actions Storyboard

How it works: Many teachers like to recap our Experiences at their own pace in follow-on lessons. To help you do this, you can use our Actions Storyboard to go through and act out key events using the six image prompts provided.

For children who struggle more with visual imagination, this resource helps to enhance their realisation and understanding of an Experience.

Afterwards, use our question prompts to ask your children about their favourite actions from the Experience and dig deeper into how they felt at certain moments in the story.


Song Sheets

How it works: Many of our EYFS Experiences include fun songs as part of your learning adventure. These are based on well-known nursery rhymes, which makes them easy for your children to pick up.

You can use the included Song Sheets to help your class sing along to the lyrics, helping you to repeat them in other lessons and further embed the physical, communication and expressive benefits.

A Song Sheet from Now Press Play's Pirates Experience.

The benefits of using now>press>play follow-on resources

Our EYFS teaching resources are:

  • Available across the curriculum: They link to 19+ topics about the natural world, human world, traditional tales and more.
  • Based on children’s experiences: Learning through experience benefits information retention, helping students embed and improve key development skills.
  • Inclusive and accessible:By teaching through story, play and experience, our resources help you engage all children, even the hardest to reach.
  • Easy to use: Teachers can access all our follow-on resources through the now>press>play app and send them to their school email address at the touch of a button.