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SATs Don’t Have To Be Boring!

Teachers are set for a busy few months prepping students for SATs — the question is, how do you keep your class engaged while doing continuous revision and mock papers?

We all know traditional revision methods work for some. But what about children who have disengaged, lack confidence or find it hard to concentrate for prolonged periods?

The now>press>play Experience really helped the children put maths questions into context. It was engaging, fun and a unique way for the children to prepare for their upcoming SATs exams.

An immersive approach to SATs revision

At now>press>play, we believe in active learning through experience: taking children away from the desk and linking learning to real-life situations.

Every KS1 & KS2 Experience has a SATs style Reading Comprehension that takes a passage from the Experiences to let children try a variety of comprehension questions, providing an accessible, engaging way into SATs reading question types, even for reluctant readers.

Our KS2 Grammar & Punctuation resource provides easy-to-use SATs practice materials linked directly to 40+ topics across the curriculum, meaning teachers can capitalise on the engagement from our Experiences to embed grammar and punctuation learning.

In a now>press>play SATs Experience, the children become the main character in a story and use their investigative skills to help bring it to its resolution whilst learning essential skills and knowledge for the upcoming SATs papers.

We created our SATs Experiences to engage and excite children with the revision process. now>press>play delivers SATs revision in a completely new way that makes the process engaging and accessible for children of all abilities, in particular those who may struggle in a traditional classroom setting.

Our SATs Experiences can help teachers to:

  • Enliven and re-engage children in revision
  • Assess learning gaps
  • Reduce test anxiety

Engaging SATs Revision Resources

SATs Maths

Our SATs Maths Experience is a gripping mystery where students use their reasoning skills to collect clues, clear their name and solve a sinister crime.

Through story-based active learning, your class will:

  • Solve a variety of maths word problems
  • Follow clues to solve a puzzle
  • Complete a SATs-style maths reasoning paper

Being able to revise for SATs in a more interactive manner was a winner. Interest and commitment from our pupils increased, at a time when some were potentially feeling fatigued and anxious surrounding the upcoming papers.

SATs Reading

In our SATs Reading Experience, children will uncover a daring plot to steal the Crown Jewels — with a shocking twist. Using SATs-style comprehension and writing tasks, pupils will collect evidence to figure out who the thief is.

In this Experience, your class will learn:

  • To understand, infer or interpret information from the text
  • To explain and comment on the writer’s use of language or purpose
  • To complete a SATs-style reading paper

To be able to use a revision resource that not only tests their abilities but also engages their imagination and playfulness was extremely useful. At several points, the children even commented on how fun SATs could be!


With this Experience, you can turn SATs revision into a dramatic chase across London, as your class pursues a shadowy secret organisation while revising their SPAG skills.

In this Experience, your class will get to:

  • Answer a variety of spelling, punctuation and grammar questions
  • Learn about some famous London landmarks

You can give your class a chance to revise in a totally new way, involving everyone no matter what their ability. You can also access additional resources including quizzes, differentiated worksheets, writing opportunities and even mock exam papers based on the Experiences.