Safer Internet Day Resources: PSHE support for KS1 & KS2

Tackling internet safety and making the dangers feel ‘real’ can be hard to achieve in the classroom, especially when you’re tight on time.

We want to help you grab the opportunity of Safer Internet Day by offering you useful, free resources so we can work together towards a safer and better internet.

Safer Internet Resources for KS1 and KS2

Put children at the centre of their learning and create a safe space for them to engage with PSHE topics emotionally, intellectually & physically. 

now>press>play’s PSHE Experiences engage pupils with online safety as a topic in a fun, effective and safe way.

Watching the class as they progressed through the Online Safety Experience was eye-opening. Although I have been teaching online safety for several years, I have never seen students ‘live’ through a situation like this.

Download your FREE KS2 Online Safety Reading Comprehension (differentiated for Year 3-4 and Year 5-6) so you can bring PSHE into your literacy lesson.

Or book a free two-week trial for your primary school to access our full content including three specific Online Safety Experiences which can be used for over 18 lessons.

Find out how our immersive Experiences are a great way to explore and embed online safety, get some tips on the best online safety resources from teachers and discover the impact of now>press>play in the classroom.

1. KS1 Online Safety Experience

When you click on a pop-up whilst playing an online game, you are sucked into ‘Jungle Gym’. To escape, you must prove you’ve learnt how to stay safe online.

Through sound, story, and movement, children will learn:

  • To ignore pop-ups, fake competitions and spam emails
  • The dangers of giving out personal information online
  • People online are not always who they say they are
Picture of a green snake, from Now Press Play's KS1 Online Safety Experience.
In the KS1 Online Safety Experience, pupils learn how to act safely online

2. KS2 Online Safety Experience

When your best friend Jayden is mean to you, you share a secret of his with a ‘friend’ you meet online. Things quickly spiral out of control, and you find yourself being blackmailed. Will Jayden’s secret be posted online, and will he ever forgive you?

Children will learn during their adventure:

  • The dangers of giving out personal information online
  • The importance of reporting abuse and how to go about it
  • The difference between online and offline friends
In the KS2 Anti-bullying Experience, pupils learn about cyber bullying

3. KS2 Anti-Bullying Experience

The school bully plays a trick on you and as a video of the incident goes viral, you team up with fairground worker and outcast Grace to take revenge. How far will you go in your quest for revenge?

Children will learn during their adventure:

  • Understand different types of bullying, including verbal, physical, online and peer pressure
  • Empathise with all of the story’s characters – and see how people become bullies
  • See that our actions have consequences

4. Online Safety Follow-on Resources 

Each Experience comes with between 4 and 5 ready-made literacy resources to do afterward, including our Recap, Discuss and Quiz resource which can be used to assess their Online Safety knowledge and promote in-depth discussions. 

The resources include:  Glossary, Recap, Discuss & Quiz, Reading Comprehension, KS2 Grammar & Punctuation, and Writing Opportunities

Infographic showing how teachers can get six lessons out of one Now Press Play Experience.

5. Safer Internet Day resources recommended by educators in our Navigating Online Safety Webinar

This is THE perfect activity to tie in with Safer Internet Day.  now>press>play offer versions of their Experience for both KS1 and KS2, meaning it can be used in teaching online safety across our entire school. Furthermore, the Experiences can be accessed at any point throughout the year and can be linked to a number of subject areas outside of Computing and PSHE.

PSHE is just one subject that our 90 immersive, audio-based learning Experiences cover. Explore our Experiences to find out about our cross curricular resource.