Put PSHE in context this Children’s Mental Health Week

Social and emotional learning is a vital part of the school curriculum. As a teacher, you want to help your pupils develop their PSHE skills in a safe environment. Beyond this, you want the lessons they learn to be unforgettable.

Using now>press>play, you can create active PSHE learning for your class through sound, story and movement. Over half of teachers say that now>press>play’s Experiences develop children’s ability to empathise with others, and our discussion-based follow-on resources can help you embed this social and emotional learning across the whole curriculum.

“It gave me the experience of seeing what other people go through and how to react in those situations.”

Read on to discover how our 12 PSHE Experiences can help enrich your teaching for dates such as Children’s Mental Health Week and beyond…

Key Stage 1 PSHE Experiences


Learn how to spot bullying, why people might be bullies and the importance of kindness and speaking to an adult if you encounter bullying.


Explore the things that affect our emotions, as well as the vocabulary we can use when describing our feelings to trusted adults, friends and family.

Healthy Living

Pilot a tiny submarine as you explore the inside of the human body and investigate what people need in order to stay healthy.


During a huge thunderstorm, you gain superhero powers and become Lightning Worm! With your new powers, learn about friendship, kindness and who we can trust.

Online Safety

When you’re sucked into an online video game, you’ll discover how to navigate the web safely and identify potential dangers.

Healthy Relationships

You negotiate the difficulties of sibling relationships at a day-out at the funfair.

Key Stage 2 PSHE Experiences


Learn how to spot bullying behaviour in others and ourselves and how verbal, physical and online actions can have damaging consequences.


Explore the effect other people’s actions can have on our emotions and learn to recognise symptoms of distress, such as feeling overwhelmed and being unable to concentrate.


Experience the potential problems children might have when transitioning to secondary school and learn strategies and tips to cope with these challenges.


Travel 100 years into the future to experience a world ruined by waste and discover the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Online Safety

Learn about the importance of protecting personal information online and the difference between online and offline friends.

Healthy Relationships

You find yourself at the centre of a tricky friendship triangle as you stage the school play.

“At a time when mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of school curriculum, the now>press>play Experiences offer contextualised PSHE.”

Become a Wellbeing Whizz

To encourage schools to take part in wellbeing activities with their students, we send out Wellbeing Whizz stickers to any class using one of our PSHE Experiences (or doing other mindful activities such as class yoga, meditation, etc.).

Simply post on your school’s social media about your work, tag us, and we’ll send stickers for your class!

Our 100+ learning adventures can help you provide children with valuable life experiences across the curriculum, promoting active, empathetic learning for everybody.

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