new curriculum based experiences blocks with each exp and an excited looking school child

6 New Experiences for 2020/21

We are super excited to have launched 6 new Experiences this September. From an adventure about Everyday Materials, where you’ll battle the Wicked Witch of Waste, to a quest through all the different types of Weather. These new Experiences will immerse your children on educational adventures they’ll never forget without even leaving the classroom.

Click below for more information and to hear what each Experience has in store for our subscription schools!


It’s your birthday, and your dad has bought you a little kitten for your present! But she gets scared of dad’s noisy hoovering and runs away. With the help of your magic welly boots, you must get her back!

On The Farm
Your Grandad MacDonald has a cold, so it’s up to you to help him with the chores around the farm. But your little sister Poppy gets into all sorts of mischief along the way – will you be able to finish them in time?



Everday Materials
On a trip to the Recycling Centre, your dog Scruffy is kidnapped by the Wicked Witch of the Waste. With the help of the clumsy Wizard Sillystuff, you must go on a quest to rescue him!

The UK
On a school trip to Buckingham Palace, you meet the Queen, but she’s behaving strangely. When you discover the real Queen locked in the basement, you must go on a mission across The UK to foil her imposter, the evil Dr Disguise – and free the Queen!



Spanish Animals
When the Queen’s rabbit is stolen, MI6 sends you undercover in a Spanish pet shop to try and get it back. Will your knowledge of Spanish animals be good enough to fool the people of Madrid? And will you get the Queen’s rabbit back before she is sold?

Spanish Greetings
When two secret service agents ask you to go undercover for them in Madrid, you have to use your best Spanish accent to pass as a Spanish child. Will you find the criminal Maria Marcia before she blows up the Royal Palace of Madrid? And will your Spanish be good enough to impress the people of Madrid?


If you’d like to find out more about now>press>play and how it supports children’s learning please get in touch and arrange a demo at your school. Email or call 0203 727 5592.