Bring Maths into the real world with these learning Experiences

One of the biggest challenges when teaching maths is showing children its real-world value. Luckily, with now>press>play’s KS1 and KS2 learning resources, you can bring maths to life.

In a now>press>play maths Experience, children complete worksheets in order to advance through an audio-based adventure. This helps them put maths in context and develop practical problem-solving skills. Because of this, over 90% of teachers say now>press>play helps develop pupils’ enjoyment of a topic.

“They didn’t even see it as doing maths, they saw it as problem solving that just involved some fractions and decimals as part of the process. A brilliant way of getting through a tricky area of learning and teaching the children a context to what they are learning making them see the importance and relevance.”

Key Stage 1 Maths Experiences

Number Bonds

Learn about addition, subtraction, missing numbers and how to find pirate treasure in this daring adventure across the seven seas.

This Experience covers:

  • Addition and subtraction to 10 and 20
  • Missing numbers up to 10 and 20

Key Stage 2 Maths Experiences

SATs Maths

Liven up reasoning revision by using your maths skills to collect clues, clear your name and solve a sinister crime.

In this Experience:

  • Solve a variety of maths word problems.
  • Complete a SATs-style maths reasoning paper.


Travel through time and stowaway on the ill-fated Titanic, where your fraction-solving skills will help save lives onboard.

In this Experience:

  • Find fractions of an amount.
  • Understand and use equivalent fractions to solve problems.


Complete differentiated worksheets to outwit a corrupt developer and expose his plan to bulldoze your community.

In this Experience:

  • Write decimals for tenths, hundredths and thousandths.
  • Round decimals with two decimal places.
  • Solve number and practical problems involving decimals.

Mental Maths

Turn it up to 11 in this up-tempo mystery, where your numerical knowledge will help you track down a musical instrument thief.

In this Experience:

  • Calculate sums using a range of strategies.
  • Practise calculating mentally and at speed.

The now>press>play Experience really helped the children put maths questions into context. It was engaging, fun and a unique way for the children to prepare for their upcoming SATs exams.

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