Robert Blair Primary: Enriching the curriculum with now>press>play

Robert Blair Primary School have been using now>press>play as part of their lesson delivery for two years. The school values creativity, so using a resource like now>press>play has been of huge help in supporting their vision and providing enrichment across their curriculum.

We interviewed the deputy headteacher, Paul Murphy, and year 5 teacher, Alex Gill, about the impact now>press>play has had on their school.

How does now>press>play impact teaching at Robert Blair?

“It allows the children to have a different kind of learning experience, unlike anything they have done before.” — Paul

“It’s an engaging way of teaching the curriculum. The children enjoy the sessions a lot, and even the children that can disengage remain focused.” — Alex

Female student sitting on floor using Now Press Play

How have staff at Robert Blair responded to having now>press>play as a resource?

“Staff have been positive about using now>press>play as a supportive resource. It’s simple to set up and provides an engaging lesson for the children.” — Alex

“The service has enabled teachers to engage children in learning in a new, powerful, and exciting way. It has helped us to enhance our curriculum offer to the children.” — Paul

What impact have you noticed?

“The children are always excited when they know they are going to take part in a now>press>play session. When asked what we could improve in our topic teaching, lots of the children asked if we could include more now>press>play.” — Alex

“Pupil engagement. Children who have more easily switched off during more typical style lessons have been able to remain engaged throughout.” — Paul

Group of classmates enjoy using Now Press Play

What would you recommend about now>press>play as a curriculum enrichment resource?

“It’s a useful resource for engaging children in topic work as well as preparing them for SATs in an unconventional way.” — Paul

“It offers an alternative and engaging way of teaching the curriculum. Furthermore, there are lots of resources included to support additional work on top of the original experience. now>press>play helps the children access other ways to talk about their understanding and experience. The children really engage in the discussions afterwards.” — Alex

What is your favourite now>press>play Experience and why?

Roman Britain. It’s an exciting topic and now>press>play allowed the children an engaging and fun way of accessing the topic. The story within the Experience really hooked the children.’ —  Alex

Ancient Roman coins, from Now Press Play's Roman Britain Experience. Caption: You are the child of a Roman General living in the Roman town of Colchester.
In now>press>play's Roman Britain Experience, students experience life in the Roman army and a dramatic gladiator battle.