SATs Don’t Have To Be Boring!

IMG_5955It’s back to school and teachers are set for a busy half term prepping students for SATs. The question is, how do you keep your class engaged while doing continuous revision and mock papers? We all know traditional revision methods work for some but what about children who have disengaged, lack confidence, or find it hard to concentrate for prolonged periods?
We believe in learning through experience.  Taking children away from the desk and linking learning to real life situations. In a now>press>play SATs Experience the children become the main character in a story and use their investigative skills to help bring it to its resolution.
We created our SATs Revision Workshops to engage and excite children with the revision process.  Have a listen to SATs Maths here. We give your class a chance to revise in totally new way, involving everyone – no matter what their ability.
To help you through this stressful time, we’ve got our troops delivering cupcakes to primary schools in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. Tweet us @nowpressplay with the hashtag #noweatcake to get a discount on our SATs workshops!