What is the Sparks programme?

now>press>play Sparks are a group of children in Key Stage 2 who can be responsible for helping set up and maintain the now>press>play equipment. Becoming a Spark can help pupils learn new skills while developing confidence and leadership skills. 

Here’s how to get going:

  1. We suggest taking pupils from Years 3, 4 and 5. Select as many as you want.  
  2. You can print or read out the job description for becoming a Spark.
  3. Once you’ve got your Sparks, play the first training video to them. Ensure they have the box of equipment to hand. 
  4. Afterwards, lead the slideshow quiz to check their learning. 
  5. Give your Sparks their badges! 
  6. When it’s their class’s turn to do a now>press>play Experience, their teacher should ask them to set up in advance, as well as pack down.
  7. There are bonus Sparks videos for schools with two boxes, or if you ever need to replace the foam ear pads.

Any other questions? Speak to your dedicated School Engagement Manager