I want to troubleshoot my equipment

No audio?

  • Check your Experience is playing
  • Check the cable connections
  • Check the device volume 
  • Ensure headphones are switched on, connected to correct channel, with volume up
  • If the headphones are crackling or no light is showing then replace the batteries
  • Try a different device and audio cable
  • Check the transmitter is on ‘Hi’

No power?

  • Check the transmitter has been charged 
  • Check the transmitter is plugged in correctly and switched on to ‘Hi’

Signal cuts out, interference or reduced range?

  • Ensure there is no interference caused by other wireless equipment in the vicinity
  • If using 2 or more transmitters simultaneously make sure each is on different channels (frequencies). You cannot use 2 transmitters on the same channel in the same place. They will cancel each other out, resulting in little or no signal. 
  • Make sure the transmitter is in range

Any other questions? Speak to your dedicated School Manager