The app isn’t working on my device

Before getting in touch with us, please try the following five things: 

  1. Update the app: You need the latest version of the app. It should be 1.1.8(4) on Apple devices or 1.1.6(55) on Android/Chromebooks. Click here to see how to check what version you have. Another way to update it is to…  
  2. Delete the app & re download it: This will ensure you have the latest version. If your IT team have to do this, in the meantime you can try to…
  3. Quit the app: Don’t just ‘minimise’ or move away from it, but fully close & re-open it (e.g. on an iPhone, you have to swipe up).
  4. Log out and log back in.
  5. Is this happening on your school WiFI and also 3G/4G? To check this, tether your device to a mobile phone and use hotspot. Sometimes the school WiFi starts blocking our app (with firewalls) or sometimes the school WiFi is simply running slowly. 

You or your IT will also need to check if the network firewall allows connections to:

a) (needed for all app content and user login)
b) (needed for streaming audio)

If none of this works, please email or ring us on 020 3727 5592.

Any other questions? Speak to your dedicated School Manager