Discover your now>press>play Sparks!

It goes without saying that the now>press>play community would be nothing without the amazing teachers and school staff, but, we also need to highlight all the amazing pupils who help our immersive adventures really take off in their classrooms.

That’s why we’re so excited to launch our brand new now>press>play Sparks!

This is a new pupil leadership programme, created to empower the next set of digital leaders. It will provide learners with an experience of responsibility as they help their teachers ensure that now>press>play is set up and ready to go.

Which of your pupils could be a Spark?

The now>press>play Sparks are pupils who have been selected by you, their teachers to be champions of our approach to learning and enthuse other pupils and staff and keep the equipment ready to go. Much like being a digital leader, being a now>press>play Spark helps pupils learn new skills and develop confidence and leadership skills.

What do the Sparks do?

The Sparks have been entrusted with a very important mission! Their mission is to improve learning across their school by supporting their teachers when using the the #pinkheadphones.

The Sparks will be trained to:

  • regularly check and maintain the headsets and charge the transmitter
  • support teachers to set up the equipment in their classrooms
  • provide technical support to teachers
  • help to train teachers
  • know where the equipment is stored
  • share their edtech expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers
  • & promote the use of now>press>play across the school!

Your School Manager will set up a meeting and provide a special training video to help get your Spark Recruitments ready for their mission.

Once the Sparks have been nominated and trained, we will send each pupil a snazzy Sparks badge that they can wear with pride to inform others that they can ask them for help with now>press>play.

We wish all the Sparks good luck as they embark on their pupil leadership mission – we have no doubt that you’ll ignite a real passion for learning across your school and beyond!

Contact your School Engagement Manager now to arrange your training and to nominate your Sparks!

A young boy listening through pink headphones, immersed in an imaginary rainforest scene