We need your help!

We like to dream big here at now>press>play so when the opportunity popped up with a chance to pitch our idea to loveable, serial entreprenuer Richard Branson we jumped at the chance! Our aim is to to share with him our vision of an education system that allows every child to fulfil their potential. Of course if he wanted to invite us along to Necker Island to do the pitch then we wouldn’t say no!
We were excited writing our pitch where we got the chance to outline our plans and show how our idea is already working for a number of schools and children. The next stage is for people to vote for us! Then if we get enough votes in our ‘Start Up’ catagory we will be put through a process far more gruelling than The Apprentice, although with a much friendlier face in the boardroom at the end!
Winning Pitch to Rich would mean so much to us. We know that we have a solution that could help keep children engaged in education. And winning would help us give thousands of children access to learning that truly brings the curriculum to life. Anyone can vote and it only takes a few seconds so if you agree with our vision then please help us  by voting and sharing our pitch on social media. Voting closes on 5th May.