Our partnership with the National Grid and new Experience


We’re very pleased to be partnered with the National Grid. We have created an Experience in conjunction with the Grid, that supports schools to teach the move to net zero while exploring engineering as a potential career.

The Experience: KS2 Reducing our Carbon Footprint (Year 5 & 6)

During a heatwave, your Auntie Ejo put out a fire below your flat – and Mrs Upperton, the landlady, blames it on your friendly neighbour. You visit Auntie Ejo’s workplace at the National Grid and in the control room, see that a windfarm has been sabotaged. But who’s done this? And why?

In this immersive audio-based story, children will:

  • Learn how to reduce their own carbon footprint
  • Discover renewable energy and its different sources
  • Explore engineering as a job opportunity

Your visit from the National Grid: Book it now!

From Summer term 2024 until next March 2025, members of the National Grid staff will be available to visit your school and lead a Q&A about the Grid, renewable energy and engineering with your class, as part of our partnership.

Request your visit now


Our partnership with Grid for Good

Grid for Good is a programme, led by the National Grid, which supports under-served young people and children. They provide training and employment opportunities, playing a critical role in bringing young talent into engineering and the energy sector, as the UK moves to net zero.

now>press>play have partnered with Grid for Good to help bring this mission to life through an immersive audio adventure. The Experience focuses on the move towards a more sustainable future, while inspiring children to become an engineer in their future careers.

A picture of pairs of Now Press Play headphones hung up in a classroom.

We’re excited to help teachers inspire the next generation and look forward to seeing National Grid volunteers deliver this new Experience! Don’t forget to sign up here.

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