My Week of Work Experience at now>press>play

Hi, my name is Josephine, I am 14 years old and in Year 10. I did work experience at now>press>play for a week. This was a great experience for me as I really enjoyed it. When I was told that I was of the many to be chosen for work experience I was scared this meant that I had to be more independent by travelling to places by myself. There were at least 50 places that I could of choose from but I ended up choosing Now>Press>Play and after working here I’m glad I did!
This work experience really helped with me with my research skills and IT skills too. Now>Press>Play helped me communicate better as I worked with children and other staff members.
The team and my supervisors (Tilly and Alice) was very supportive to me as they welcomed me and supported me throughout my whole journey. I was very nervous at first as it was my first time working with children and working in an office but I become confident as time went on. Now>Press>Play is a brilliant opportunity to work in a different environment and meet new people.
My favourite experience of me working with Now>Press>Play was visiting a Primary School (on Monday), this put a smile on my face to see how Now>Press>Play had really helped children expand their imagination and help the children with their vocabulary.
I give a big thanks to Now>Press>Play for allowing me to work at their office for a week, this helped me brighten my ideas of working. I also thank Tilly and Alice for being so kind to me throughout this experience! I absolutely recommend Now>Press>Play to anyone who is looking for a job or a placement for Work Experience. This is an experience I will never forget.