Introducing our newest team member – Efuntoye!

My journey to working for now>press>play can be described as quite an obscure one! I have recently completed a Masters in physiotherapy and did an undergraduate degree in biomedical science, in between that I worked in health PR. However, I have always had a passion for children and wondered how I could impact the next generation. After working in education for a bit I became exposed to the challenges often faced by children who struggle with the traditional learning environment and wondered what else could be done to revive their desire to learn.

So I was delighted to discover how now>press>play uses storytelling and imagination to fully immerse students in their topic using wireless headphones. I was excited by how the resource is changing the landscape of education through emotion, movement and imagination and I wanted to get involved too!

I have been here just over two weeks and I have already observed a few demos, trainings and have met a lot of great staff in schools. I have been blown away by just how much fun the children have and how eager they are to answer questions after their immersive Experience. The children seem to forget that they are in school and afterwards they are able to recall everything about their experience and effectively answer the questions on the topic. I also love how the Experiences inspire the children to write their own stories back in the classroom.

now>press>play is inclusive of all learning abilities and enables even the most apprehensive children to engage and share their experiences. I am super excited to be part of the team and I cannot wait to start igniting the passion to learn within our young learners!