World War 2

When war is declared by Germany, you are evacuated from the city to Lady Amelia’s manor in the countryside. After digging for victory, you return to London – but the Blitz is still to come. When your shelter is destroyed, how will you survive the bombardment?


In this Experience, your class will learn about:

  • The evacuation of city children to the countryside during World War 2
  • Dig for Victory and how life changed during the war (e.g. rationing)
  • The Blitz, blackouts and air raid shelters
  • Historical figures such as Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill

Resources for each Experience include:

  • For KS1 & KS2: Recap, Discuss & Quiz; Glossary; Reading Comprehension; Grammar & Punctuation; Writing Opportunities
  • For EYFS: Recap, Create & Play; Word Mat; Actions Storyboard; Song lyrics & mp3s (for some Experiences)