You are an alien from the Planet Doom. You and your co-pilot Shift need to find a new planet to inhabit. When you stumble across the planet Earth, you visit different habitats to find a suitable home for your people. But Shift is kidnapped by some creatures called ‘humans’ – will you ever see her again?


In this Experience, your class will learn how:

  • Animals live in suitable habitats, e.g. fish in the sea, monkeys in trees
  • Animals are well adapted to these, e.g. fish have gills and fins, monkeys have tails
  • Habitats provide for the basic needs of animals and plants, e.g. food
  • Humans, who are also animals, pose a threat to many natural habitats

Resources for each Experience include:

  • For KS1 & KS2: Recap, Discuss & Quiz; Glossary; Reading Comprehension; Grammar & Punctuation; Writing Opportunities
  • For EYFS: Recap, Create & Play; Word Mat; Actions Storyboard; Song lyrics & mp3s (for some Experiences)