Celebrate the end of the school year with now>press>play!

Children wearing now press play headphones dance with the words 'Silent Disco'

Wow!  How did that happen? Where did the year go?

Yes, that’s right, the end of the school year is in sight and no, we haven’t been counting down the days since February.

A child wearing now press play headphones covers her mouth in excitement.

Your pupils have been working hard all year.  There’s been laughter and tears, highs and lows, lightbulb moments, challenges overcome and all are another year older.

And teachers? There’s no doubt that lessons have been learned and mistakes made but you, like your children, will have grown. And despite the seemingly insuperable daily grind we hope you remember why you chose to teach as a career.

So…you all deserve a treat, right?

A child wearing now press play headphones grins.

We’ve got the perfect solution. Send the kids into the summer with a really memorable reward and put on a silent disco with your now>press>play pink headphones. 

And why not keep the party going long after home time and throw an unforgettable staff party too

Then it’s time for a summer of relaxation… and maybe a little preparation for the year to come.

Teachers – we salute you!