Chellaston Fields: Using now>press>play to develop social and emotional wellbeing

Hear how Chellaston Fields has used our resources since 2021 to create learning that develops their children’s social and emotional wellbeing, as well as creating an active, exciting curriculum.

How now>press>play has benefitted our school

We have used it as a hook into a new topic and to increase physical activity levels throughout the day/week. We started using it with our younger pupils but now use it across school.

Students are highly engaged, they love their now>press>play sessions and are excited when they know that’s what they are doing. Children get fully immersed in the sessions and this has been brilliant for those youngsters who are sometimes self-conscious or reluctant to get involved.

Two primary school children in red uniforms are using Now Press Play in their classroom. They're wearing pink headphones and laughing.

Supporting our children’s wellbeing and social and emotional development

For some children it increases their engagement and confidence, it’s lovely to have an activity during the day that is so much fun that instils awe and wonder into learning. Children who are sometimes quite passive and difficult to engage get fully involved.

It supports pupils to experience and imagine realities that differ from their own.

Pupils are more able to empathise with how others may be feeling and are able to articulate these feelings using an increased range of emotional vocabulary.

What our staff and students think of now>press>play:

“I think it’s wicked, the children love it and get so involved.”

“I like it because we get to be in another world.”

“We found a dinosaur egg!!!”

Thank you to the teachers and children at Chellaston Fields for sharing their experience of using now>press>play. If you’re interested in trying our learning resources in your school, you can book a free trial through our website.

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