Two boys hug while they use Now Press Play. In the background, other children use the Experience as well.

Brompton & Sawdon Primary School: Using now>press>play’s educational app

Brompton & Sawdon Primary School have benefitted from using our new app, which helps schools access our educational Experiences and follow-on resources with ease.

In this case study, read how the students and staff from Brompton & Sawdon have used now>press>play since subscribing in January 2021.

Why we started using now>press>play

Initially, the school used now>press>play to supplement our curriculum during the Covid-19 pandemic when things like trips and visitors were not possible. This reason is no longer the same now as we have embedded the Experiences within our curriculum. now>press>play has helped us provide an enriching, broad and balanced curriculum, especially during the pandemic.

Where (and why) now>press>play has worked best

now>press>play has been most successful in bringing concepts in history and geography to life. It has also been successful during SATs preparations for Year 6s, allowing them to enjoy learning whilst preparing for exams.

“We love now>press>play, as it gets you to really imagine what it is like in different times in history or in different settings.”

Children at Brompton & Sawdon Primary School smile as they use Now Press Play in their classroom.

How the now>press>play app helps us plan and prepare lessons

The app has been exceptionally useful for teachers. It has made it a lot more accessible and easier to plan. The “email me resources” option is very useful and saves a lot of time. The additional resources, e.g. reading comprehension questions, have also been useful for teachers.

With the app, now>press>play has been a lot more accessible to teachers, rather than relying on one device or the Google Drive planning — teachers are more aware of what is available.

“Our class has loved the novel way of learning — they are really engaged with our topics as a result of it.”

Where now>press>play is used in our school

We have used the now>press>play resources for a range of reasons, rather than specific reasons. They have been mostly used in lessons as a whole-class session, but also in small group activities/clubs, e.g. our SATs Booster Club.

The process of using now>press>play is very easy, even for those teachers who are less adept at using technology. It has allowed us to redefine some aspects of our practice as it means that, using the headphones, we can enhance learning in lessons that are not using now>press>play Experiences (e.g. music lessons or film-based sessions).

We have developed a whole-school curriculum map that incorporates the now>press>play Experiences within it, so teachers understand where the Experiences are used in their 2/3-year cycle of topics.

We’ve really enjoyed using now>press>play. We will look to continue using this for as long as possible. 

Two boys hug while they use Now Press Play. In the background, other children use the Experience as well.

“It has made SATs preparations really fun and less stressful as it teaches you in a fun way.”

A big thank you to Brampton & Sawdon for sharing their experience with us. We can’t wait to find out how their children and staff use now>press>play next.

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