Back to School for teachers!

back-to-schoolAhhh, the crisp Autumn air, new shiny shoes and fresh new school books (or is it an ipad these days?) We all remember returning to school as children after the seemingly endless summer holidays with mixed emotions. Joy at catching up with all our friends again but sadness that sunshine, late nights and freedom are over for another year.
But what is it like starting the new school year as a teacher? How do you start as you mean to go on? We spoke to some top teachers who shared their tips with us!

  1.  @chrishildrew Is Deputy Head and Media and English teacher at Chew Valley School. He suggests that as a teacher you learn the behaviour policy and follow it – and always ask if you’re not sure of anything!
  2. @Benneypenyrheol is Deputy Head (and Science Teacher) at Penyrheol Comprehensive. He suggests that you spend time communicating and embedding routines and expectations. Set the bar high from the word go. And enjoy 🙂
  3. @mindfulpedagogy Is a primary school teacher. With a passion for meditation & mindfulness approach to teaching & learning for children. For him a good start to the year is simple!
    1. Have a cup of tea to yourself before school & directly after school. 10mins. Do not try & multi-task. Just enjoy it. You deserve it.
    2. Only ever meet parents after your tea! Distance between the ‘school day’ and ‘after school’ is so important!
  4. @MrBayew is a maths teacher, maths KS5 Leader and an enterprise PSHE coordinator. He recommends inspiration from a book and advises that you read teach like a champion 2.0 by  
  5. @RichardJCanning School teacher, first time entrepreneur, sometime writer, all the time learner and  Cofounder, says that you should “use your 1st lesson to help you understand your students’ strengths & weaknesses as people.”

So,  follow a few of these top tips and you’ll be starting the school year with a bang! Now, for that all important cup of tea….

If you have any more tips to add please tweet us!