We’re looking for maths scriptwriters!

We are looking to recruit Maths scriptwriters on a freelance basis, who have strong backgrounds in education. As well as writing scripts, you will create worksheets that go alongside the Experiences. You should:

  • have experience of working with KS2 children and, ideally, of making schemes of work, resources etc
  • have a good understanding of the curriculum and, ideally, have KS2 maths expertise
  • be comfortable with the notion of collaborative writing or
  • have experience of writing creatively (for any media/art-form)

Please send a C.V. and covering letter to jobs@nowpressplay.co.uk by Tuesday 21st October. Within your letter, in no more than a short paragraph, please tell us what 1) sort of story you’d use to help improve KS2 understanding of decimals (any topic(s) within this e.g. multiplying decimals, rounding up, decimals as fractions…) and 2) why it would work.
Here’s an example from us:our Fractions series is set on the Titanic: the children solve problems as part of the story (e.g. “What fraction of passengers can fit onto lifeboats?”). It works because the sinking of the Titanic provides lots of urgent number-basedproblems that need to be overcome e.g.how many compartments need to fill up in order for the ship to sink, how many passengers are on board, how many lifeboats are there etc.
Deadline for application is Tuesday 21st October. Shortlisted candidates will do a longer piece of writing. Interviews will be w/c 10th November (and successful candidates will be invited to training on Saturday 15th November).