Usman’s Story – Work Experience at now>press>play

UsmanMy name is Usman Saddique, I am 14 years old and I go to the Petchey Academy. I got now>press>play as my work experience. Funny enough the company I worked for made experiences for people who are bored of studying the old fashioned way, reading books or not even knowing what they’re studying. Those kids are not really having the right impression of education.
When I first saw that name on my work experience form, the words Press>Play at first when I saw that I was really happy. Because I thought I was working for a gaming company. Except after I heard press I thought it was a news or journalist company.
Then after I read full name I did not know what to expect.
In the future I would like to be an animator or a wrestler. Wrestler because I love watching wwe, I want to do that, it looks cool. I have a passion for fighting and hand to hand combat, it just looks so cool.
My friends did not have a clue what now>press>play is or what it means I had to explain it to them which was really complicated but I managed to give the idea of it.
In my interview I was wearing a coat which is not very smart. My interview was interesting because the office was really not what I expected. Because the website’s photos were in a different place or school now I think about it. But they’re really friendly people which made it nice. 
Some of things I’ve done I liked. For example the space science script which I rewrote the combat part which I loved doing, the workshops and seeing how the kids reacted, meeting different people like facilitators or different companies. The worst was when I had to do resource packs, print them off and sort them, it was boring but when I finished it I was really relieved but I can’t think of anything else that was bad.
The three things I’ve learnt

  • To be much more aware of my potential.
  • To see what my abilities can do.
  • To work with people and use teamwork.




By Usman Saddique thank you NOW>PRESS>PLAY.