Time Travelling in Outer Space! now>press>play at Camp Bestival!

now>press>play travelled to the depths of Dorset once again to take part in Camp Bestival. We had a fantastic time! One of our facilitators Freddie, told us more about the festival!
Wearing now>press>play pink wireless headphones at Camp Bestival
Blasting into orbit around a stunning 17th century castle on the Lulworth Estate in Dorset, this year’s Camp Bestival was as cosmic a spectacle as ever.
The theme for this year’s family festival was outer space, and needless to say the crowd exhibited some of the finest intergalactic costumes this side of the Milky Way – pushchairs converted into space rockets, silver wellies, and an abundance of glitter.
For the third year in a row we were running experiences at the Science Tent for budding astronauts keen to embark on a Mission to Mars.
Kicking off the festivities, Mr Motivator led what we suspected was the biggest aerobics class in the known universe. But the record breaking element this year was in fact the world’s biggest bouncy castle which landed in the children’s field and was chock-full of moonwalking youngsters all weekend.
The festival line up included a whole host of family favourites and crowd pleasers, including the Chuckle Brothers who exploded on to the main stage followed by festival regulars Dick and Dom, and Mr Tumble.
There was also an extraordinary promenade performance from Urban Astronaut who travelled around the site as if they were planet hopping around the solar system. And when the sun set there was some great music from headliners Jess Glynne, Fatboy Slim, and Tears for Fears.
We were delighted to see so many young people engaging with our futuristic storytelling adventures again this year, as well as taking the opportunity to travel back through space and time. The Tudor Village presented a whole heap of performances and activities from firing a crossbow to jousting Henry VIII with an inflatable lance.
Our personal favourite however was the nostalgic novelty of the Camera Obscura. Thanks to the angling of a shaft of light inside a darkened room, the viewer can observe the area for miles around in precise detail. This fascinated us for hours – a groundbreaking scientific advance, almost a millennium old.
Thanks Camp Bestival – we had a blast! See you next year!
Camp Bestival 2016