The wrong trousers…

Continuing our series on transition where the now>press>play team remember their first days at school. Today it is Tilly’s turn and she recalls a very public wardrobe mishap!

Tilly Brooke
Tilly Brooke

Tilly, Head of School Engagement 
I remember the summer holiday before my first day at secondary school.  My tummy felt squirmish with excitement and tinged with the fear of the unknown.  I was ready to leave primary school, everything suddenly felt too babyish and I wanted to be one of the big kids….but I wasn’t sure how big the other kids would be but I pushed the thought aside. I was a tiny scrap of a thing and a tomboy at that.

My mum dragged me into BHS to buy my school uniform. It felt funny putting on a shirt and blazer just to go to school. Then the argument began –  skirt or trousers?  I was dead set that there was no way on earth I would be seen dead in a skirt – I mean how was I going to run in one of those? Mum tried to persuade me that having both would give me a choice. “No way – I won’t wear it!” I clutched the trousers and stomped off towards the till.

I looked at myself in the mirror, black trousers, blazer (hmm, a little too large), tie and shirt and I was ready for my first day.  I skipped to underground station and took the train to Edgware Road, all by myself! I felt so grown up.  As I walked into the main foyer my mouth suddenly felt dry.  I’d forgotten how big the building was and I gripped my bag a little tighter, I wasn’t going to let anyone see I was scared.  As we all lined up I suddenly noticed that every single girl was wearing a skirt and I looked down at my baggy trousers and shirt tucked in and suddenly felt a bit sheepish, surely I couldn’t be the only girl in trousers, could I? I could see a group of girls looking at me and then they burst out laughing. Were they laughing at my trousers? I felt my face blush.
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