Sound Science – a collaborative project with ScienceGrrl

We’ve had some very exciting news at now>press>play this week. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded a public engagement grant from the Science and Technology Facilities Council!
A few months ago, we started working with ScienceGrrl, a grassroots organisation supporting women in STEM careers. The result was Sound Science, a project which will see now>press>play creating four new Science experiences with scientists from ScienceGrrl for young people aged 11-14. We’re aiming to engage young people with the science curriculum and get them thinking about careers in science.
ScienceGrrl is a network of mostly female scientists who are passionate about passing their love of science onto the next generation. They address the under-representation of girls and women in STEM and aim to promote role models, access to careers guidance and work experience, and to support female scientists at all stages of their careers.
In 2014, the first 4 Sound Science experiences will be taken into 12 schools free of charge, reaching 1500 young people. Our facilitators will be joined by ScienceGrrl scientists who will make the link between our Science experiences and the reality of a career in science, and explain what they do on a day to day basis and the difference this makes.
If you are interested in Sound Science visiting your school, get in touch!