Top 10 now>press>play immersive school trip destinations

What would you give for your pupils to have the opportunity to experience the world… school trips might be cancelled but you can still transport your class!

Make your pupils’ worlds bigger, by opening up the globe through immersive, interactive adventures. With traditional school trips unlikely to be possible for a little while, your class can still have fun and learn about their topic through experience by visiting locations with the #pinkheadphones. And you can even take them to places that would normally be impossible to go to such as Mars, Ancient Egypt and the Stone Age!

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Exhilarating Trips for Key Stage 2: Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

1. Pompeii, Italy (Natural Disasters)

Image of pompeii with text reading: Look to the North, children. That mountain is Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano… Don’t panic, the last big eruption was in 79AD.

Understand about tectonic plates, volcano eruptions and earthquakes and how that affects communities living near plate boundaries and experience an eruption.

2. Athens (Ancient Greece)

Acropolis Ancient Greece example of a good school trip location , text on the image is '“You can smell incense burning. Pick up a clay-pot at your feet. Look at the orange and back figures painted on it. Bend down to fill it up with water, and take it to the enormous statue of Athena at the end of the temple.“

Learn about life in Ancient Greece, the City States & the Peloponnesian War and the legacy of the Ancient Greeks.

3. Guatemala, Mesoamerican (The Maya)

Photograph of the Mayan city Tikal with text over the top reading' 'Follow your Mum, through the village and into a field full of tall plants. Turn to the centre and wipe your brow. It’s already hot. That’s because you’re in Mesoamerica, during the time of the ancient Maya…''

Find out about the different classes in Maya society, Mayan achievements, their number system and why the civilisation declined.

4. Mumbai (Decimals)

A man pulling a cart in Mumbai India with text over the top reading '

Use your decimal skills with differentiated worksheets to outwit a corrupt developer and expose his evil plan to build a hotel on your slum.

5. Paris (French Animals)

View of Paris from high vantagepoint, slightly ominous with text reading: We’ve had intelligence to suggest that Priscilla is in a pet shop in Paris. Your job is to identify the rabbit and the buyer. The Queen is depending on you. Do you understand?

Travel to France in the Eurotunnel, get a crash course in French animal vocab and serve customers in a French pet shop.

Adventurous Trips for Key Stage 1: Years 1 & 2

6. Arctic

View of the arctic,

Discover how people in the Arctic live, hunt and the effects of Global Warming on Inuit communities and the polar ice caps.

7. The Circus (Animals)

Circus tent, location of alternative school trip, text across it reads ' Stop – what's that noise? Look – it’s a big stripy tent! Open your eyes wide – this is a circus tent! Go inside...'

Learn about animal groups, what they eat, basic needs for survival and how to take care of them out of their local environment.

8. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England (The UK)

Snowdonia in Wales to illustrate the differences between different countries in the UK, text reads 'The fluffy white dots are sheep. You’re landing in a little village. Take off your helmet and climb out of the helicopter.'

Learn about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, their culture and their national symbols.

Fun trips for Early Years and Reception pupils

9. Seaside

destination for a school trip Cornish beach with rock pools and lots of sand. Text reading '‘Now, walk along, very slowly … until you come to a rock pool. Kneel down … and have a look in it. There’s some green seaweed, waving in the water! Pick up a piece of seaweed … give it a shake to get the water off …’

Learn about what a day by the seaside is like! Including what you might need and playing in the sea as Pickle the Puppy!

10. On The Farm

Cows looking to the side on a dairy farm during a school trip, 'She’s got a big bag full of milk under her tummy. Put out your hand and take the cow’s teat... and very gently give it a big squeeeeeeeze.'

Learn about the animals and plants on a farm that our food can come from! Dig up potatoes, milk a cow and search for eggs!

Our children really love using now>press>play – the ability to transport your mind to another place using the power of sound has increased the enjoyment and engagement in learning Helen Lavery, Stebon Primary School, Tower Hamlets

Everything was so real it felt like I was really there Mattie, Year 6 pupil, Prior Weston Primary School

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