Our first day at school!

We know that for many school children in Year 6 the next few weeks will be a bittersweet time. There is bound to be excitement about moving to a ‘big’ school but this is likely to be joined by a big dose of fear and trepidation. There are lots of things you can do to make the transition a little easier for children. We even have an Immersive Experience specifically designed to address the issues that children are likely to face. In the spirit of new beginnings the now>press>play team have dug deep to remember their very first days at secondary school which we will be sharing over the next few weeks, any of it sound familiar?
First up is Jenni who has bravely shared her school photo below….

Jenni at secondary school
Jenni at secondary school

Jenni, Social Media Manager
The main memory of my first day at secondary school is being thrown into a noisy, hot, confusing building with more rooms and new faces than I could ever hope to remember. I come from a very small, remote village on the South Coast which meant my Primary School was really small, well minuscule, with just 50 pupils. More of an extended family than a school really.
Lunchtime was a real culture shock. We had only ever had packed lunches in our primary school but suddenly had so much choice. I ended up choosing pizza and chips, standard fare in an eighties school canteen. However it wasn’t until I got to the pudding stop that I saw people were getting money ready on their trays. This was when I realised what the £1.50 mum had left me on the kitchen table was for. Not knowing what to do, I told the person behind me that I was going to the loo, left my tray of tempting treats and made a dash for it. It was a very long and hungry afternoon…
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