Now>press>play ‘The Play’!

Scene 1
Narrator: Your name is Oscar. The year is 2010 and you’re in Islington. Walk along Upper Street until you reach the cafe. Open the door. You need to find Alice and Louis. There they are. Sit at their table.
Alice: So Oscar, we’ve got this idea…
Louis: We’re gonna make theatre with wireless headphones.
Alice: Will you do the music for it?
Narrator: Will you? You’re pretty busy. But Alice is nice, and Louis is too… well.
Nod your head anyway.
Alice and Louis: Cool.
Narrator: Suggest to Louis and Alice that it could be done with kids.
Alice and Louis: Cool.
Scene 2
Narrator: It’s two years later. You are (very safely) leading a dozen nine year olds down Whitechapel High Street to the choir you run.
Abeda: Sir, sir, sir, I went to Egypt today.
Narrator: This seems unlikely. Raise your eyebrows.
Abeda: Well I didn’t actually. But I did put on these pink headphones and it was like I actually went there.
Narrator: Show Abeda that you think you know what she’s talking about.
Abeda: Now>press>play? D’you know them or somethink?
Narrator: Stop Abeda from being run over by the Number 8. Ask her what she
would’ve changed about now>press>play today.
Abeda: Actually, the crocodiles could’ve been louder.
Narrator: Thank Abeda for the feedback.
Scene 3
Narrator: Three years later. You’ve spent the last fortnight training up fifteen schools how to use now>press>play themselves. You’re collecting a coffee from the staffroom in Globe Primary School (where you teach music).
Rehana [Yr 5 teacher; she’s next door]: And to turn the headphones on, you hold this button.
Narrator: Hang on – that sounds familiar. Open the door of the hall. Look!
Rehana’s leading a now>press>play session with her class. Smile widely.
Rehana: I’m so glad you’re here Oscar!
Narrator: Take some hot-pink, now>press>play branded headphones and help Rehana hand them out to her extremely excited Year 5s.
Rehana: Brilliant. And I believe in a minute, we’re all going to go to Mars, is that right Oscar?
Narrator: Tell the class that you’re not giving anything away. This is no longer your resource… it’s Rehana’s and Globe School’s.
Rehana: Good luck everyone. And now I think I press play … like this…?
Narrator: Listen on your headphones. It’s happening! Without you! You’re feeling emotional. Try not to cry in front of Year 5. That’s not cool.