now>press>play and its many uses

With an audio library now boasting over 70 cross-curricular immersive Experiences for EYFS, KS1 and KS2, now>press>play is a fun and inclusive way to engage children in the curriculum. It can be used as a whole class activity or with smaller groups for intervention work. But the learning opportunities don’t end there – read on to discover how else you can use our hardware.

The Hardware

Our now>press>play wireless headphones are robust and built to last. The powerful transmitter transmits audio to the wireless headphones via radio waves. It is incredibly simple to set up – just plug in the power, connect it to the tablet, select your Experience and press play!

AND the transmitter can connect to all sorts of devices – tablets, laptops, computers, whiteboards. It has a range of 80m so you can even run now>press>play outside in the summer term!

So…How else can I use the equipment?

Here are our top tips for other uses of the Pink Headphones:

1. Use the headphones to listen to other sound sources:


Audiobooks are a great way of engaging children with a story and supports their reading skill development by increasing word exposure, improving vocabulary, teaching pronunciation, removing the pressure of decoding the written word, helping retain, remember and understand the content and enhancing comprehension.

Sound Stimulus

Use a sound stimulus for poetry and creative writing. They are a great way of setting a desired mood and can generate curiosity and anticipation, provoke, entertain, shock, engage, encourage focus and stimulate discussion.


Research evidence suggests the benefits of listening to music in the classroom can set a positive mood, reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration, relieve frustration, cut out disruptive talking and create a peaceful classroom environment. With headphones, the children can choose to work in silence or listen.

Guided Meditation

In today’s rapidly changing world, listening to just a few minutes of meditation each day can give students (and teachers) a sense of calm and peace of mind that benefits emotional and physical health, improves wellbeing and develops empathy skills. Many schools are carving out 10-15 minutes in the school day of ‘quiet time’ where pupils can sit quietly to meditate, reflect on what has happened that day or simply rest.

Songs & Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes and songs can help develop children’s language and communication skills from an early age.  Children relish listening to songs full of rhyming, rhythm, and repetition and by sharing songs with these core elements you can help boost children’s language, communication, and literacy development as well as helping children learn about different beats and rhythms.

2. Record your own audio to playback through the headphones:


Podcasts can be an easy way of engaging students in a topic. They provide a perfect opportunity to learn through listening.  You could even encourage your children to create their own podcast by using a simple app such as Opinion Podcasting to share with peers or younger classes.

Record Your Own Story

Many now>press>play schools have recorded their own audio by simply using an iPad or laptop.  In this way, they have encouraged writing for a purpose and created stories for younger year groups or family members to listen to.

Audio Tour

Encourage parental engagement and create an audio guide to the artwork around the school and invite parents for a museum-style tour!

3. Get Creative…!

Complete Immersion

Get creative with a completely immersive, drama experience. We were blown away when Simon Hunt shared photos of his class using our Ancient Greece Experience for a Greek drama session.
now>press>play + costumes + lighting = TOTAL IMMERSION

Take it outside

Mix it up and take now>press>play outside on a nice sunny day. It would be great to use our Goldilocks Experience in the playground or even some lush greenery!

Silent Disco

Celebrate your pupils’ hard work with a really memorable reward and put on a silent disco. You could even ask the PTA to fundraise with a silent disco danceathon or throw a silent disco parents party!

If you’d like to find out more about now>press>play and how it supports children’s learning please get in touch and arrange a demo at your school. Email or call 0203 727 5592.