New Experiences announcement for 2024-25!

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Next year, you’ll have access to 4 new Experiences and our brand new Oracy Opportunities resource for KS1 and KS2, all part of your now>press>play subscription.

Released throughout the year, you’ll be able to teach your class different nursery rhymes across cultures, help Rosa Parks on her mission to end segregation and enhance your pupils’ presenting, persuasion and performance skills.

Timings of when each Experience will be officially released on the app

KS1/KS2 Oracy Opportunities

Our brand new resource for KS1 and KS2 gets your children to work on their presenting, persuasion and performance skills. Using the issues and characters from the stories, they participate in debates, interviews, hot-seats as well as a scene from each script to act out.

Here's a sneak peak of our KS2 Ancient Egypt Oracy Opportunities resource.

EYFS Nursery Rhymes

While in your care, Poppy the cat goes missing. On your search to get her back, you meet a host of characters who teach you different nursery rhymes and help you to regulate your emotions. Can you manage to stay calm? And will you ever find Poppy again?

Behind the scenes footage of recording Nursery Rhymes with Ghanaian vocalist and djembe drummer, Alfa Sackey.

KS1/KS2 Rosa Parks

When your neighbour, Rosa Parks, is arrested for breaking segregation laws, you join her on a mission to pursue equality for Black people in America. Together you help organise a boycott of the buses to try to improve civil rights for Black Americans forever.

KS1 All Kinds of Families

While on a camping trip, you find yourself separated from your family and set off on a mission to find them. Along the way, you meet other children who introduce you to their own families. Through building campfires, stargazing and toasting marshmallows, you discover the wonderful diversity of family life. But will you ever make it back to your bright green tent?

KS2 Sound

When sounds mysteriously start disappearing all over town, you and Dr Echo set off on a mission to return the missing noises and help bring back normality. But who is stealing the sounds? And will your favourite band, The Urchins, have to cancel their long-awaited gig?

We’re so excited to share all this new content with you next year!