National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling Week has been running for 16 years by the Society for Storytelling
National Storytelling Week has been running for 16 years by the Society for Storytelling

Next week is National Storytelling Week and boy, do we love stories!

National Storytelling Week has been happening for 16 years. It is an annual event held by the Society of Storytelling where children and adults of all ages can take part and celebrate the art of storytelling. For hundreds and thousands of years stories have been a huge part of our existence. From fairy tales to fables, from myths to legends generations and communities and beliefs have been formed around the sharing and telling of stories in a variety of formats. National Storytelling Week celebrates these amazing tales and takes place in a range of schools, clubs, theatres, museums, and hospitals everywhere

Story telling is something that teachers do on a daily basis. Stories help capture the imagination of children and help them learn, so why not find a new and exciting way of telling these stories and bring the curriculum to life!

Here at now>press>play we are committed to storytelling and our experiences are no exception. Want to learn about fractions whilst aboard the HMS Titanic? How about completing questions about decimals whilst saving your house in the slums in Mumbai? Or why not save the world from an asteroid on a 300 day long trip to Mars? All of these stories are delivered to children (and adults!) through wireless headphones. Each child will go on their own journey, completely immersed in the story-telling experience and learning new and exciting information whilst their imaginations are captured.

Over the past three years we’ve worked with over 20,000 children in 200 different schools across the UK.

“Our favourite experience was Roman Britain. It is an exciting topic and the now>press>play allowed the children an engaging and fun way of accessing the topic. The story within the experience really hooked the children.” Alex Gill, Teacher at Robert Blair Primary School

 “Being in the story, aboard the Titanic, really helped them to understand. I was then able to build on this back in the classroom and what’s more, the entire class were having fun doing fractions” Helen James, Headteacher at Chisenhale Primary School.

“It allows the children to have a different kind of learning experience, unlike anything they have done before.” Paul Murphy, Teacher Robert Blair Primary School

So, why not book a FREE DEMO for your school and try one of our experiences?