My Journey with now>press>play

Hi I am Gurdit Singh; I am 14 years old and go to The City Academy. It all started when I opened my work experience letter and saw ‘Now>Press>Play Activity Assistant’, I didn’t know really what to expect. I thought this placement would be a play centre and there would be screaming children everywhere.
I started my work experience on a Monday and it was nothing like I expected which was good in a way; it was quite relaxed but you could see that the team of Now>Press>Play work really efficiently with each other. I found that everyone was really welcoming towards me which made me feel comfortable, therefore enabled me to make a smooth transition.
When I’m older, I would love to be a reconstructive surgeon as making a difference to someone’s life is what makes me who I am as a person; helping someone with a facial disfigurement combines my love for science with my passion to benefit someone.
Now press play enabled me to develop upon IT skills, people skills and communication skills.  One thing I learnt which was very useful was how (by the help of my supervisors Alice and Tilly) to manage my time when travelling; I was not so confident on travelling by myself, but being given the opportunity to do so brings out my potential of adapting new skills. As a result, not only was I working with the team, but also I travelled to different places such as a recording studio, which is where the experiences were recorded, and where I met more people who were very friendly.
The Big Bang Fair London was my favourite event as I love science. The science fair involved giving children a ten minute experience, whereby they learn using kinaesthetic learning instead of sitting behind a desk. This short session gave an insight to teachers to see how the children were having fun but also learning.
I thank Now>Press>Play for not only showing me the world of work, but giving me important contacts, which will help me become what I want in the future. What I enjoyed the least about this placement was leaving the great friends that I made.
By Gurdit Singh