Mission to Mars

My name is Mahir Faisal RahmanYou will never guess what happened 300 days ago. Every day of school was exciting, but this day was the best (it was our trip to the NASA space station). Something else happened which was spectacular. Would you believe me if I told you that I went to Mars, survived in space and saved earth from a gigantic meteorite?
My amazing adventure began when we met the outstanding astronaut, Neil Armstrong, as he took us on a tour of his space shuttle. Inside the space shuttle there were more than 1000 buttons. I could see all of the buttons, but one stood outthe most. It was the big red button. My finger was right next to the button. I couldn’t resist it. I pressed the button. Bang! The doors sealed shut. There was a 60 second count down! 3..2..1…blast off! The sound of the rocket taking off was like a missile exploding.
After some problems in space we finally landed on the rocky surface of Mars. Suddenly the radio crackled. Through the noise we heard Neil Armstrong asking us to complete his mission to search for life on Mars. We had to find two things: water and plants. We panicked. No-one had ever been on Mars before. But we had to complete the mission. Without much difficulty, I found the Cronous plant and someone found water. It was meant to be a tricky mission, but we nailed it.
On our journey back home, I saw a meteorite. I warned everyone. Neil Armstrong exclaimed, “It is heading for Earth!” Not only was it heading for Earth, but London in particular. It was where our family was living. We had to find a way to destroy the meteorite. Then, again through the radio Valentina had a clever plan. She told us to use the rocket missile to break the meteorite. We aimed the missiles to the meteorite. Beep! We pressed the button. Bang! The meteorite broke into a thousand pieces. We saved planet Earth!
Space adventures are fun but this one has been the best. I will remember this amazing space adventure for as long as I live (and that’s for sure).