Focus on new, deep ways of learning the curriculum by broadening your pupils’ experiences of the outside world.

In a now>press>play Experience every child is given a pair of wireless headphones. Immersed in sound, they become the main character in a story, meeting people, discovering places, and solving problems on an educational adventure they’ll never forget.

Your Free Trial includes…

  • Initial staff training (remote)
  • Class set of wireless headphones and transmitter
  • Access to our easy-to-use Experiences app
  • 80 Experiences for EYFS, KS1 and KS2
  • Covering History, Geography, Science, Languages, PSHE and more
  • Follow-on resources: Reading Comprehensions, Discussion Guides and Writing Opportunities

Listen to a trailer:

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At The Prince of Wales School we have an ethos that seeks to inspire all children to learn. now>press>play aligns perfectly with our vision through a comprehensive package of curriculum materials, training and support.

The now>press>play Experience never fails to leave children (and staff) inspired to learn and has quickly become an invaluable and embedded tool to support teaching and learning for all.

Gary Spracklen, Headteacher, The Prince of Wales School, Dorchester, Dorset