Relative Clauses

Expelled from school for being Jewish and under attack in your own home, you seek refuge at your neighbour’s. Hidden in the cellar you record the historic events in your diary but no one’s safe in Berlin: the Secret Service track you down and pack you onto a train. In the concentration camp, you find an old school-friend and together you hatch an audacious escape plan… but will it come off?

This Experience is a 4 part series and comes complete with a lesson plan for each episode.

In this Experience, your class will learn about:

Fronted adverbials:

  • Introductory words/phrases
  • Linking adverbials to main clauses
  • Comma placement

Relative Clauses:

  • Relative pronouns
  • Linking relative clauses to main clauses
  • Comma placement

During this Experience your class will complete a worksheet. Worksheets are differentiated.

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