“When Anna met Alice” – how we collaborated with Fieldwork Education and The IPC

At now>press>play, we’ve been aware of the fantastic work of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for a long time. Some of the very first schools we worked with followed the IPC and one of our first Experiences – Mission to Mars – was inspired by an IPC unit!

A young child wearing now>press>play pink wireless headphones

So I was thrilled when Emma Bonnin from Pakeman Primary School introduced me to Anna Vaughan, Head of the IPC. As an IPC school, subscribed to now>press>play, Emma could see how well the two supported one another and was keen for us to link up.

We invited Anna along to see a now>press>play session in action – Stone Age with Year 4 – and she was immediately struck by the level of the children’s engagement. And through speaking to Anna after the session, the overlap in our interests and values became clear. The IPC and now>press>play would collaborate!

Anna and I then met at our offices in Hoxton and started to map our Experiences to the IPC units of work. This document makes it quick and simple for any IPC school to see how now>press>play will fit into their curriculum.

We’re delighted to be partnering with the IPC and we’re looking forward to meeting more IPC schools at their Festival of Learning in July. If you haven’t booked your ticket yet, then jump online!

Alice Lacey, CEO now>press>play