Making new school friends

Continuing our series for children who will be moving from primary to secondary school today our founder Alice talks about the importance of the friends she eventually met during her school days. Remember we also have an immersive experience to help children with transition.


Alice, CEO and Co-Founder

I vividly remember opening the letter which said I’d got into Burntwood School and bursting into tears. After all the stress of entrance exams, I’d got into my first choice school and I was so happy and relieved.
Six months or so later and on my first day of secondary school I wasn’t feeling nearly so joyous.

Leaving primary school had been traumatic. After our leaver’s assembly, I remember most of Year 6 staggering around the playground in tears, signing each others t-shirts and hugging.
That whole summer I couldn’t quite relax. I couldn’t imagine what my life was going to be like come September and I just wanted to do Year 6 all over again.
My main memory of that first day is sitting in registration and hearing a long list of names read out: Zohra, Simone, Yasmin, Kaylah, Sarah, Tanya. The list went on and on. How was I ever going to remember all these names and all these people?
It definitely took me a good few months to settle in at secondary school but I soon made very good friends, many of whom are still my closest friends. Burntwood shaped my friendships but it also shaped my outlook too. Without me realising it, the school’s strong multicultural and feminist ethos moulded the way I look at the world, and I’m so grateful that it did.
For those of you starting secondary school this September, hang on in there. It might take a few weeks, months or even a couple of years to settle in but eventually you will find your place and your people.