Climate Change

The year is 2062 and the world’s climate has changed radically. When the Thames floods, you get stuck on the wrong side of the river and meet Dr Eco, a scientist with some radical ideas for saving the planet from destruction…


In this Experience, your class will learn about:

  • The effects of global heating including floods, droughts, bush fires and melting ice caps
  • The emission of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels as the reason for global heating
  • Renewable (e.g. wind) versus non-renewable (e.g. coal) energy sources
  • The role of government – and public activism – in solving the climate crisis

Resources for each Experience include:

  • For EYFS, Actions Storyboard, Song Sheet and Script
  • For Key Stages 1 & 2, Storyboard, Quiz, Reading Comprehension, Writing Opportunities and Script