Mary Seacole

You’re Mary Seacole, helping your mother heal sick soldiers in her hotel in Jamaica. You dream of travelling to Britain, and so you make pickles to sell there. In London, Florence Nightingale is leading nurses in the Crimea but her office rejects you. You brave both discrimination and the horrors of war, but will you be recognised for your services?


In this Experience, your class will learn about:

  • Mary Seacole’s life as a ‘doctress’ healing soldiers, and also as a successful merchant
  • The historical context of the Crimean War, Victorian London and the nursing of the time
  • Mary Seacole’s mixed British and Jamaican heritage, as well as the discrimination she faced

Resources for each Experience include:

  • For EYFS, Actions Storyboard, Song Sheet and Script
  • For Key Stages 1 & 2, Storyboard, Quiz, Reading Comprehension, Writing Opportunities and Script