Proud to announce our collaboration with Fieldwork Education & The IPC

We are delighted to announce that we have collaborated with Fieldwork Education and their International Primary Curriculum –  IPC!

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The IPC is a curriculum for children aged 5 – 11 years old and is improving learning in schools in over  92 countries worldwide. It is a comprehensive, thematic, skills based curriculum, with a clear process of learning and specific subject learning goals across all IPC units. It also develops International Mindedness and encourages personal learning.

We are thrilled to work with the IPC, as we both have founding belief that children learn best through learning environments that are fun, engaging and creative. “Our organisations share a passion for bringing the curriculum to life through creativity and imagination and we look forward to working closely with the IPC as we develop our offering for schools.”  – Alice Lacey CEO now>press>play

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We have jointly mapped our 60 Experiences to the IPC and are excited at how well they fit. The Experiences can be used as a whole class activity or with smaller groups for intervention work and in particular work well as an IPC Entry Point and Knowledge Harvest activity for an IPC Unit.  Every year we create 10 new Experiences so watch this space for an ever-evolving partnership!

“This is another fantastic collaboration that we’re very excited about. The journey of mapping our International Primary Curriculum (IPC) units to the now>press>play Experiences has shown us just how interlinked we are.  The feedback that we’ve received so far from schools has been hugely encouraging. We’re looking forward to continuing to work together with now>press>play”

Anna Vaughan, Head of IPC at Fieldwork Education.