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The immersive Audio Adventures provide a rich stimulus for writing, from a mission to Mars, a journey through the Ancient Egyptian Underworld, to swinging through the Amazon Rainforest!

Each one has accompanying resources containing Quizzes, Storyboards, SATs-style Reading Comprehension, Writing Opportunities and Discussion Questions.

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  • 35 Wireless Headphones
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  • 80 Experiences for EYFSY1-2Y3-4, & Y5-6
  • Follow-on Resources 
  • At Home Package 
  • New Easy-to-use App

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The children love it when the pink headphones come out. The range of experiences the children can become immersed in is vast, and all match our curriculum and topic plans. The mental health and well being units are also a fabulous resource, helping the children to learn mental wellness strategies. Lynn Williams, Head Teacher, St. Peter’s CE Primary, Farnworth